50 Years of manufacturing has taught us one important thing; that our customers are number 1 and that our constant and deliberate pursuit of excellence has resulted in us building thousands of structures in over 35 countries.

It has taught us that our commitment to providing the best in pre-engineered, whole home panelized building systems will help our customers reduce time on site, eliminate unnecessary material exposure material exposure to the weather and eliminate damage on side.

Whether your new home is a modern, contemporary dwelling or your tastes are more traditional, TekkHaus is the right choice for discerning clients who expect the best.

Eco-Sustainable Solutions:
TekkHaus engineers our solutions using building materials and related components to ensure you new home will exceed local or national codes, will be warmer and more efficient in any weather condition and in so doing this, we deliver a home that is also healthier and more sustainable than a traditionally built one.

Our engineered wall systems and insulation products provide our customers with the best in energy efficiencies while also delivering a zero dew point, thus making the wall cavities immune to mold, mildew and other moisture related problems…ask us how Tekkhaus can deliver the best in environmentally sound solutions for your new home.

Premium by Design:
TekkHaus employs best in class technologies to build your new home.  Our 50 years of KNOW HOW has taught us that simply using the highest quality equipment was only part of the process.  Acritical component of our product is the use of premium materials made are stored indoors, and therefore are not impacted by the weather we align ourselves with the best possible vendors for wich results in a quality structure at the most affordable price.

Today, TekkHaus uses Select grade lumber throughout, MSR rated materials (to build the best trusses in the business) and extensive use of engineered wood components to exceed building codes and structural requirements. TekkHaus has truly aligned itself to be the best choice for clients.

Value-added features:
With a complete staff of designers, engineers, costing specialists and project co-ordinators, TekkHaus has been at the top of their game for 50 years  and brings this skill and experience to your project.

We offer extensive design assistance, concept designs, complete permit ready drawings, and provide engineered stamps.  …and all of these services are complimentary.  Ask your TekkHaus representative for more information.

What’s Included:

  • Structural components including posts, beams, sill plates.
  • Full floor deck system including Open Joist Floor joists, 50 year warranties floor sheathing, adhesives and more.
  • Your choice of exterior wall systems precision engineered and panelized with the option of factory installed insulation. (ask your representative for further details).
  • Fully engineered roof trusses (or rafter systems) as per plan with all structural components.
  • Premium roof decking, sub facia, ladders and overhangs as per plan.
  • Option of Premium windows and exterior doors designed to complement the design as per plan.
  • Standard 10 Year Structural Warranty in addition to those warranties provided by our vendors.

  • Tekkhaus Ecological HE specifications


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